Thursday, September 17, 2009

The AWP Campaign

Because we are a very new community we have just begun the campaign process to get the word out about our site and our services. We have quite an extensive mailing list of bookstores, community centers, schools and other places to target. We're going door-to-door, online, and by word of mouth. But of course we have to take baby steps so we're beginning right here in the Silicon Valley.

Here is a list of some of the categories we're recruiting although we are open to other venues:

Artists and Designers
including: photography, digital arts, painters, clothing designers, and interior decorators

including: caterers

including: novelists, journalists, poets, and bloggers

including: singers, song writers, lyricists, rappers, composers, and arrangers

including: actors/actresses, stage performers, and dancers

If you don't see your category listed, it's not because we have excluded you.
All serious artists are welcome to join the Divine Council.

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