Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Newsletter

What's new with Amarna West Publications?

The Etsy Store
If you are selling items through Etsy you can now link accounts to AWP and sell through our site. Susan has a diverse selection available now for purchasing

"A call to all artists and those of the arts"
We're looking forward to the traffic this will bring our site

Sign in to chat
OK, so we're still pretty small but like a social site you can log in and chat with fellow members. Make the site your own by encouraging close friends and family to sign up for a more "intimate" online setting.

Friends of Kandake
The list of links is still growing. If you haven't already done so, send us your website or blog url to

Authors Helping Authors
This month I met authoress Bonnie Lea Elliot. She offers a site promoting the works of indie authors. Tell her Kandake sent you :-)

Featured Artist for December
Our newest member Juan Timoteo de Soto has posted some beautiful art in the photo gallery.
Stop by and have a look!

What's new with Kandake Soul Music Productions?

New Releases will be available
for listening approximately March 2010

Some tracks require free membership login to access

The "Rock it Out" Series
Rock out your holidays with KSM Productions! I'm featuring some of my experimental tunes for a limited time

Journey through Darkness Soundtrack
3 more tracks to go for completion of the soundtrack.

Both AWP and KSMP have video/youtube options so if you'd like to submit a video or trailer advertising your project email

Heard an amazing album? Have a gig coming up? Share your events or discussions on the forum boards

More News

Short Story competition courtesy of MyAfricanDiaspora is wrapping up this month.

Blog Submission
Login to submit your proposal to begin a blog and win your choice of a Hawk Goddess Journal or a promotional Journey of the Damned Journal.

If you're a writer check out my entry "Why writers should be publishing ebooks."

The Journey is Long IX now available on the Journey through Darkness Blog

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Amarna West Publications Newsletter

The first monthly newsletter went out yesterday, so if you didn't receive it be sure to email for your copy.

Our site is slowly gaining momentum but we have a long road ahead of us. Very few websites are up and running over night, so patience is definitely needed to persevere if we are to succeed as a group.

We've got to work together in spreading the word to friends, family, and colleagues about us. Let them know what you're up to by discussing your projects on the forums. Start a blog about your project and share photos or a video of your work with your fellow members and the public.

If you're running into writer's block...or artist's block, let us know about it. Maybe we can help. I had writer's block for over six months when I began revising Journey through Darkness and I still have my moments...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing The GBQ Collection

I have known Susan Wright for many years and own quite a collection of her exotic necklaces.  I have given them as gifts to women who were amazed by the quality and texture of the pieces. She creates a diverse array of styles and colors for all occassions. And she always adds her trademark GBQ crown to the end of each claspse so that the owner feels like royalty.

AWP is pleased to display Susan's one of a kind jewelry collection. Each creation is unique and will bring an extra touch of class to your wardrobe. Treat yourself or a loved one to an original GBQ necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings.

Visit The GBQ Collection page today at

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Campaign Continues

AWP has been up and running for officially 2 months now and it has been non-stop ever since. With the campaign beginning this month there is plenty keeping us busy. We've gotten our literature together and we're passing out flyers, brochures, and business cards, but it came as no surprise to us that the best way to spread the word about what we're doing is online.

The world is on the web. Our emailing campaign has been the most effective thus far as we are meeting a lot of interesting and encouraging people along the way. In just a short time we have reached a global audience. People from all backgrounds and cultures are coming around to seeing our vision and what we're trying to accomplish.

AWP is getting back to the basics of online networking. We're staying focused on providing a family-style atmosphere to our clients and supporters. We have enough room for everyone's success.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The AWP Campaign

Because we are a very new community we have just begun the campaign process to get the word out about our site and our services. We have quite an extensive mailing list of bookstores, community centers, schools and other places to target. We're going door-to-door, online, and by word of mouth. But of course we have to take baby steps so we're beginning right here in the Silicon Valley.

Here is a list of some of the categories we're recruiting although we are open to other venues:

Artists and Designers
including: photography, digital arts, painters, clothing designers, and interior decorators

including: caterers

including: novelists, journalists, poets, and bloggers

including: singers, song writers, lyricists, rappers, composers, and arrangers

including: actors/actresses, stage performers, and dancers

If you don't see your category listed, it's not because we have excluded you.
All serious artists are welcome to join the Divine Council.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Kandake Shop

I know the holidays are coming up and people are shopping early, so you might be interested in something original to offer your friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Online shopping is the best because you can do all your shopping without dealing with crowded malls, hard to find parking, and road rage that seems to accompany the holiday season. You can do everything from your living room and have the gift sent directly to the recipient.

Keeping that in mind, check out The Kandake Shop at We've got apparel, office supplies, video cameras (not kidding) coffee mugs, journals, cards, messenger bags, and framed prints. All of the art featured are prints of my original paintings.

So stop on by and support a new artist. The proceeds from The Kandake Shop are going towards building my new company and assising with the expensive costs of self-publishing my first novel.

The Kandake Shop

Journey through Darkness

My first novel Journey through Darkness is coming April 2010. It is the first book of a dark fantasy saga taking place in ancient Africa.

For the brief synopsis visit my website

the Journey through Darkness blog
has all the latest updates on my progress with the book and the publishing process.